Monday, December 18, 2006

Own a Piece of History AND Support Our Troops

Own a Piece of History

AND Support Our Troops!!!

These amazing shadow boxes are available for purchase from Products for Good. To see larger and detailed pictures, please go to their website. Lee Greenwood is their national spokesman.

Basra Orphanage (top)
Iraqis helping restore British cemetery (bottom)

In spring 2003, US and British Soldiers charged to secure Basra, came upon 70,000 pounds of brilliant, uncirculated coins that Saddam Hussein had decommissioned at the end of the gulf war. The coins were sold in a coin auction in London. The proceeds helped an orphanage in Basra and to restore the British cemetery there - both of which had been decimated by Saddam.

After passing through several hands, the coins were acquired by Products for Good. They were placed in these patriotic shadow boxes with 1 coin, 2 coins or 4 coins. In the spirit of doing good, these shadowboxes are assembled by hand at Cleveland Vocational Industries. CVI is a facility which provides work opportunities to those who are usually unable to work in a traditional role.

25% of the sales (before expenses) are immediately sent to programs which assist our wounded troops and their families and the families of our fallen troops - Salue America's Heroes, Operation Family Fund, TAPS, Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund, Fallen Patriot Fund.

We treasure our shadowbox - as it is symbolic of our history and our desire to help our troops. It is the perfect gift for many on your list.

Order now and get 10% Off by using the code FRIEND in the coupon box. Order by December 19th, 1 pm EST and get it in time for Christmas.


chrys said...

Well assembled post with a lot to offer for people who want to be involved.

yankeemom said...

What a great thing! Thanks for the link!

Flag Gazer said...

These are really amazing and quite beautiful.

daniel said...

Yes excellent.
And to have them assembled by those with Vocational barriers to employment is awesome!
All doing their part to support the our wounded troops and their families.

Great of you to pass along the info FG!