Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Women Medics in Combat

SPC Jamie L Jameson (top)
SPC Iris G Almazan (bottom)

In the 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, two of the medics are women - the only women in the unit of over 350 members.

SPC Jamie L Jameson, of Palm Springs, California, has been in the Army for six years and this is her second deployment. SPC Iris G Almazan is also from southern California. These two medics have been given an opportunity that is unusual for women to have - they have the opportunity to go out and walk side by side in combat with their brothers-in-arms.

"Not a lot of females get this chance, but we have earned our keep here. It feels good to know that we are part of the team now and that we have earned their trust," said Jameson.

These two Paratroopers go out on missions on pretty much a daily basis and are considered one of the team by the team they are attached to.

These are two women who took the hard turn in their careers, and have found the rewards and fulfillments that come with those choices.

Medics are often the quiet heroes in warfare. They put their lives on the line to save their comrades. Their jobs are difficult. They are to be admired.... and thanked!

For more information about these medics, click here.


Charlotte said...

Great post! My daughter is a medic in Iraq. :)

Flag Gazer said...

Send your daughter our very best!
and, tell her THANK YOU!!

patslist said...

Thanks for this post! Impressive! What matters is ability to do the job -- well done!

One request: I saw only the dreaded MS red "x" -- no photos. Can you help?

Thanks for your service!!!

Pat J.
Vietnam Vet

Flag Gazer said...

Pat -
Whenever this happens to me, I delete my browser cache and cookies. Usually clears it up.
You didn't leave anyway to contact you, so I hope you check back.

Flag Gazer said...

Pat -
Thank you for your service.

daniel said...

Excellent post Flag Gazer!
Their are brave women in Service to our Country and deserve respect and honor.
I did a post awhile back on women in the Military.
Talk about women liking men in uniform...I love women in uniform!