Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein Executed

"Iraq is now closing one of the most important chapters which is the fear and terror that Saddam created. He is going to have what he deserves for his crimes in the next few hours. Iraq will then enter a new era without the terror, tyranny and mass-graves."
-Hammorabi (Iraqi blogger)

"Personally I have mixed feelings about this execution. To start with, if the punishment for murder is to be death, according to the Law in many lands, including that of the U.S.A., and in accordance with the writ of the Great religions; then Saddam deserves at least a million or so executions. His guilt is as clear as sunlight."
-Messopotamian (Iraqi blogger)

"I drive trucks in the Marine Corps and travel very often. I've been a lot of places in Iraq. I just got back last night from Ramadi. We were working with Kuwaiti forensic scientists. We dug up bodies that were killed by Saddam. It was all to bring Saddam down. The mission was a success and I'm proud to be a part of History. I hope that man goes down. He killed a lot of innocent folks."
-Letter from a 20 year old Marine penpal

These are some of the thousands of pictures of the mass graves in Iraq. When we heard that today would be the day of Saddam Hussein's execution, I went back and looked at them, lest I feel pity for this heinous man. In them, you see a woman grieving over the remains of family members found in mass graves - she lost five members of her family, including her husband, son and three nephews. You will also see the clothing of a small child. The pictures are graphic and brutal - the nature of Saddam.

For more information see the USAID report and
for more pictures see the Mass Graves site.


daniel said...

Justice was served for the people of Iraq.
Atrocities were committed against his own people, a murderous dictatorial leader was brought low to his knees, and in the end deserved what he got.
I have no remorse for regimes that control and oppress their own people.
Though He had the chance to change his heart, he remained defiant.
I posted some of the same pics awhile back.
IMO-Anyone who doesn't agree with what we did to free the Iraqi Nation is blind.

De'on Miller said...

We need reminders. Perhaps the Iraqi people will begin to feel less afraid. I think many of them felt he had nine lives.

I always struggle with the death penalty. Usually I am not for it, for one, just in case there is any small chance of being wrong. In this case, there's not.

Two: God tells us to forgive. But Evil is different. Evil in the sense of the absolute power of darkness is not to be taken lightly and sent on its way. There are those that are so entrenched in it, that the Spirit leaves and it's too late.

Wow. They don't mess around with their death penalty, do they?

Flag Gazer said...

The Devil wears many faces and cloaks himself in many colors. There is no question in my mind that Saddam was Evil.

I, too, hope that his death will allow the Iraqi people to come out into the light and give themselves a chance for better things.

yankeemom said...

I was glad to see that the media was showing some of his carnage. It's too easy for the bleeding hearts to take the focus off what he and his family did and make it all about the death penalty. I just hope (what's left of) the families of the victims find some peace now.

devildog6771 said...

Great post on Saddam and his execution. This is one of the best I have seen. I think many people needed that reminder! I also think that had he not been so repressive, the Iraqis would be taking a more forceful stand at defending their nation

It is hard to regain your spirit when it has been forced to retreat into a dark place inside one's soul! While many see only the negative side of what is happening in Iraq today, I see a people trying to regain their identity and realize it is ok to want to live free without fear!

I think they will get there if we can be allowed to stay long enough to help them achieve their emergence as a peaceful nation with much to offer the world's other oppressed nations.

Frank Staheli said...

I had studied about the mass graves, but didn't know about the particular site you linked to. Thanks!

Also, today in Iraq has been 'relatively' calm--and much less violent than a lot of us were afraid of. Let's hope that's an indication of good things to come.

Flag Gazer said...

We must never forget what he did - I fear the media and the left are mourning his demise.

Toni said...

I wish I would have stopped by sooner because this is what those namby's on the left need to remember when lamenting the hanging of Saddam. He was a brutal dictator who deserved to die a horrible death for his atrocities. I have no qualms whatsoever about the hanging and am glad the Iraqi's took care of business without delay.