Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Passing of a Patriot - God Speed President Ford

President Gerald R Ford
July 14, 1913 - December 26, 2006

The next week will give some of us a retrospective into history we lived and to others a history lesson. I hope that Americans walk away with a sense of who this great man was. I will always remember President Ford for his courage. He had the courage, in the worst of times and against public opinion, to put the health and welfare of the United States of America above the polls. He did two amazing things - amazingly controversial things - he pardoned President Nixon and he offered pardons to the Vietnam war draft dodgers. He believed that it was time to unite the country, to find the best within us. He declared, "Our long national nightmare is over." He later received the John F Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award for these acts.

President Gerald Ford was a man of great character, great courage, great intellect, and, most of all, he was a great patriot. He was a man who loved his God, his family and his country.

One of the most interesting books I have read on presidents is Fraternity, by Bob Greene. In his interview with President Ford, Greene asked him if he prayed. Ford said, "Every night. It's the same prayer I have said most of my life." Proverbs, Chapter Three:
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not on thine own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths.

For more information about President Ford, visit the Ford Library and Museum site.

The family condolence book can be found here. Please leave a message for the family.


Steve Ramos said...

If you want to see what someone is made of, watch him under pressure. President Ford performed honorably and courageously under pressure. Pardoning Nixon was an incredibly brave act, but the country benefited tremendously. I will always admire and respect President Ford. He was a great man who loved his country.

Thank you for this great tribute to him.

Mike's America said...

Yes, I'll second that... Thank you!

History and some fellow conservatives have not always been kind to Gerald Ford.

He only had two years in office at a most difficult time. But he did that job with the same grace, civility and humor with which he conducted himself after leaving office (a model for other former prez's to follow).

P.S. I liked the portrait.

Flag Gazer said...

Thank you Steve and Mike~
Many have not been kind to him, but I believe that history will be. A man of true courage and patriotism. And, yes, Mike, a model former President.

De'on Miller said...

This is a beautiful and thoughtful tribute.

I think it's admirable what he did and it's admirable what you do over here.

Your posts are great!

Thank you.

Flag Gazer said...

De'on - thank you, my friend!