Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sen. Smith Follow-up

It has been fascinating to follow the repercussions of Sen. Smith's babble. It has been discussed on the news shows, it has been glorified in editorials in state newspapers - the same papers that up until a few days ago didn't know we had a Republican senator. I'm wondering if Gordon is trying to posture himself to get Democrat votes two years from now or if he is one of the multitudes of senators that have the delusion that being in the Senate prepares one to be President. Whatever, it is bizarre.

The Oregonian - the state's largest newspaper - has written several editorials. They have the ring of excitement of a child's Christmas morning. I've never seen liberals so happy! Mike Francis runs a column called Oregon at War. He follows Oregonians at War. Mostly he condemns the Afghan-Iraq Memorial, gives all details to all anti-war rallies so we can all attend, makes excuses for Ariel Weinmann who was sentenced to 12 years for espionage - he was disillusioned with the Navy, poor boy, denies that troops are being treated poorly at home by anti-war activists, shows great concern for the court martial of Suzanne Swift who went AWOL. His editorial was down right gleeful at Smith's blathering.

I won't vote for Gordon Smith to do anything but take himself back to running his families frozen food processing plant - or being a lawyer.

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