Sunday, December 10, 2006

Senator Gordon Smith ~ You Lost My Vote

Senator Gordon Smith,
State of Oregon
Up for Re-election in 2008

This is my Republican Senator. Hopefully, these are his last two years to suckle off of the teat of largess known as the United States Senate. It is an uphill battle for any Republican to hold state wide office in this state. It is amazing that he has been elected twice. I doubt quite strongly that he will be elected again, unless the Democrats continue to enjoy his antics and theatre of the absurd performances on the Senate floor. He has pretty much alienated all conservative voters. I know he slammed the door on my vote.

I was not happy when he voted for the Senate plan of amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants. Regardless of the topic, the numerous letters and emails that I have sent to Senator Smith have gone unanswered. My other senator, Senator Ron Wyden, with whom I rarely agree, always answers my letters.

But, Senator Smith's latest stunt on the Senate floor has earned him my complete and utter disdain. It has cost him any hope of me ever voting for him.

On December 7, 2006, Senator Gordon Smith took to the Senate floor "to speak from my heart." What his heart wants us to know is that "I have never worn the uniform of my country. I am not a soldier or a veteran." But, as a "student of military history," he is sure that our fight in Iraq "may even be criminal."

His speech flops all over the place, which is typical for him. One minute he wants to stay and fight better, the next he wants to leave. In spite of quoting an Oregon Soldier who said to him, "Senator, don't tell me you support the troops and not our mission," Senator Smith proceeds to bash the mission and call it criminal.

It is a disgusting speech - regardless of what side you are on, it can reassure and outrage you, which means he is trying to play the ends against the middle.

All I know, for sure, is that you will never get another vote from me, Senator Gordon Smith.

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